Lessons are available in-person (studio near Berkeley, CA) and via Skype. Schedule online below.

Somatic Education for Musicians:  Get out of the "woodshed" and learn how to play free from pain and struggle! These lessons help you coordinate mind and body for effortless, joyful practice and performance. You’ll learn postural alignment principles and exercises specific to you and your instrument that will help keep your body in tune so that your beautiful, unique sound can flow freely and powerfully. You'll find more stamina and ease in your playing. All instruments/voices welcome.

Piano/Voice Lessons:  These lessons are for students who already have a basic foundation with their instrument. The focus is on finding your unique sound and style and learning how to consistently deliver it with focus, power, clarity, and brilliance. You'll discover new dimensions to your sound, and learn how to maintain ongoing inspiration and joy in your practice and performance. Theory, composition, and improvisation are also avenues for exploration. We'll structure the lesson around material you are currently working on or new avenues you want to explore.


  • Align Your Body, Align Your Sound:  Somatic Education for Pain-Free Playing

  • Restorative Exercises for Musicians:  Injury Prevention and Recovery

  • The Art of Collaboration:  Communication and Negotiation for Musicians

  • Copyrights 101:  Practical Law for Musicians


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